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I am writing this because my mother, Hannelore R. Weik, was working on a book that detailed her life and the many abuses she endured.
But all of that was tossed in the trash, kept, or dontated by heartless 'trustees' in control of her estate. along with all of our saved history, treasures, memories.
The trustees were / are: Ken and Edeltraud Arnold, of Jupiter, Fla. 2 inhuman beings whom I wish to out to the public as total scumbags.
These trustees took it upon themselves to not notify her kids of her medical condition or even death. Only discoverd in a newspaper obit.
Anyway, I digress from the meaning of this page... This is what I remember on...

How 1 horribly abusive man, Karl Weik, of Battle Creek Michigan
controlled and ruined the lives of his second family.

In the beginning, sometime in the early 1960's,
my mother was forced to marry Karl Weik under threat of job termination.
"marry me or you are fired" he said.
What could a single mother with 2 kids do?

This is Karl, with me and my sister, on the back porch located at 190 North 21st Street, Battle Creek, Mi. in 1967.
I am 4, she 6.

more below on what he did in BC...
He kept coffee cans in his lavish 4 room apartment, now some sort of welfare housing, full of silver coins that I counted on each visit.
We were calling him Uncle Karl for a number of years, until we understood the divorce and remarriage to this guy, after moving to Plantation, Fla.

I remember running around the Cello-Foil plant as a kid of 6 or so, sometimes playing with
the printing presses...

By this time, Karl was worth millions.
He had a 72? Eldorado, I shut the door on a finger one day... ouch!
He liked to drive hitting the door window now and then, hard.. scary hard.
and mashing the gas peddel then foot off, and repeating it over and over.
A pontoon boat that we all went out on Gull Lake many times.
A Viking inboard boat, at some home on another part of the lake.
My 1st time golfing was at the BCCC, where on my 1st hole drove close to 200 yards.
Yes, there was a moment of stunness.. Maybe I should have stuck to golf for a profession.
I was maybe 7 then.

We ate out often. One restaurant I remember...
I always got an oval plate of spaghetti.

This is my Mom, and the two of us.
We are on Gull Lake, one of many escapades there.
at I was told that somewhere on this lake is a house once occupied by Al Capone.
Here we were waiting for Dad to show up. at We had bushes up a foot high at one time there.
One winter I heard a meowing.. pulled out a kitten, no others there, kept it until Fla where it ran off never to be seen again after Karl let it out into the yard.
This is my Dad.
Another abusive drunk.
Beat my mom one day, knocking her front teeth out.
at I think their divorce was before this pic.
There is a whole another part about this pair of lovers to tell, for another time.

Long after his death in 1977, Karl, around 2010, we discovered just how fake and cheap this man was.
The wedding hardware was all silver plate.
The wedding ring was silver.
The stones on it were glass.
Mom found this out after going to get the ring cleaned.

Sometime in the early 70's, before 1973, the old man definitely lost his mind.
At the house in Plantation, Fl.
He would walk around outside in only his underwear.
I witnessed him take a knife and point rake it several times across my mothers gut,
while having an arguement in the kitchen over the red 1974 Le Mans.
He wanted the keys, she thought he was taking it and not coming back.
Only after nearly cutting through her shirt did she give it.
Karl did not see me to the side watching it all.

The primary family of Karl, were Cordelia, Karla, and Ken Lesiow,
along with some children, I remember Rieger and Tiffany, my age.
They all got control of everything and left us abandoned in Plantation.
I am not sure what we were left with, but we had to move just after I ended 8th grade.

Karl kept a safe in the Plantation house.
Most of the time it was unlocked and open.
I explored it once, finding large colorful pages of paper with fancy writing all over them.
These were stock certificates. a foot thick stack.
I recall seeing denominations of 10,000 and 100,000 on some.
I had no idea what these were then.
My estimate today is well over $20 million in value.

Socializing was forced upon my mom, and also forced to start
smoking and drinking scotch, being told it does not give you a hangover.
She became hooked and a life long boozer,
getting worse to the last months of her life.
She gave up cigarettes in the 90's, but it was
too late, as it eventually gave her terminal lung cancer.

We were both supposed to go to ivy colleges.
I was told Harvard was my destination.
100% abandonment by this 'pillar of industry'.

The primary relatives would not have anything to do with us.
I don't know why, but it had something to do with an arguement between
my mother and Cordelia.

at at at
Cordelia Karla Ken Lesiow

Going by Lori most of her life after the divorce of Karl,
my mom found employment in anything she could,
usually sales of something, and she got good at selling cars.

Somewhere in the world of different jobs, she came by another dirtbag
who was secretly involved with the mafia.  Stieger (sp) was his name.

This is her on a fishing trip off Ft. Lauderdale.
That scumbag made her pay for the trip using a payroll check he gave
her as she got there with us...
But, I have to say I never saw her have so much fun ever than on this trip.

Her mother, whom I only met this one time, came to visit a few years before she died.

We lost our mother in 2018 to cancer.
But mostly lost her to madness a year or so prior.
Another abusive control scumbag named Terry Brown,
who was a Senior Master Sergeant in the USAF at one time,
busted down to A1C for something.
He took control of her life and financial investments,
putting them into risky things and loosing 90% of it before
she came to her senses.
He then moved to Brazil and married someone without notice.

She then lost her mind and thought everyone was against her,
except for a handful of native Germans living in the same area who
conned her into making them trustees of her estate.
Whenever I tried visiting, she was not home or didnt answer the door.
I was told that both these two died the same day... remarkably odd.


If the Arnolds ever do read this, I hope they find some sense of what is right,
and return the property they kept that is not rightfully theirs, including a pc hard drive of mine.
They were told they can keep moms hd, not mine, 2 were in the pc.
They are the worst possible human beings on the planet in my opinion.

The Lesiows also a close second, shunning a family who counted
on support from Karl, and got nothing but silence.

What could have been, only a distant dream to us now.


Oh hey, if someone wants to buy this domain name,
it's sale price is $1 million dollars, tax free, as recompense,
Payable equally to me and my sister,
for the crimes outlined above committed by Karl Weik.

We can be contacted on Facebook.